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Branding, Digital, Social Media Templates, Image Retouching



The introduction of the ATP Cup, will take place involving the best players from twenty-four nations. Giving each athlete the opportunity to not only represent themselves but their country as well - in a test of team strength, will-power and heart.
There’s more than just points and rankings on the line this time.
Ten days. Three cities One world title.

Social Media Templates were created that will be used alongside motion footage to showcase different stats like:
Player Profile, Player Ranking, Break Match Point, Current Score, Match Result, Break Match Points and more.

Image composition was developed for a specific Social Media post based on live events. The challenge here was to crop out and developed half-size left arm of the requested photo of the specific tennis player in order to have a full-size upper body for the final post.


Below the before and after of this task.

Player: Stefanos Tsitsipas

Copyright: Getty

Content: Social Media Post

User: ATP Tour

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Image Retouching was applied to all the players' imagery in order to have a bank of assets to be used at any time during and before the ATP Cup.

Some of the actions that have been applied are to enhance images by correcting resolution and composition, cropping images, adjusting tone, colour, saturation and brightness.


The goal for this task was to have all the images ready for promotional services with Branding, On-site assets, Social Media Ads & Posts but also to be used during the ATP Cup showcasing LIVE Graphics on Social Media based on players stats, rankings, match results. stats and many more which are happening during the match days.

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