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Branding, Art Direction, OOH, Digital

Brand Director: Eugenia Martinez Barbazza
Motion Design: Stuart Campbell

Viaplay is a leading video streaming service in Europe. 

I was commissioned to design their Black Friday campaign while supporting various other project requirements, spanning OOH, Digital, and Print.

The concept of the Black Friday Campaign was to infuse life into the scene as the iconic Viaplay logo emerged from multiple initially switched-off TV screens.

As the logo passed through each screen, they automatically powered on, revealing Viaplay content.

Mosaic Grid

The challenge in this project centered on creating a successful mosaic grid to display key art from Movies, Series, and Kid's shows while maintaining brand consistency and a seamless user journey. To meet this challenge, I chose a design approach inspired by the customizable interface of the Viaplay streaming platform.

This solution offers the flexibility to customize the content within each mosaic grid to align with the client's specific requirements for each project. It also seamlessly accommodates the diverse needs of the marketing team, whether for print or digital purposes.

Various designs were created to help support the company's needs, including digital banners and landing pages for use by third-party partners, as well as posters.