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Branding, Art Direction, OOH, Digital

Brand Director: Eugenia Martinez Barbazza

Viaplay is a premium online video streaming service and a leading on-demand streaming service in Europe. 

I was commissioned to design their

Black Friday campaign and also support various other design needs including OOH, Digital and Print.

The idea behind the Black Friday Campaign was to bring everything back to life after the total “blackout” with Viaplay, using multiple TV Screens which they were initially 'switched off'.

Each tv screen was required to be made as a smart object to showcase a title or to be switched off.

To create a successful mosaic grid for displaying key art from Movies, Series and Kid's shows, I decided to use a template similar to the Viaplay website. This can be customized according to the client's needs.


By using smart objects, the designer has given users the ability to easily change key art without having to redraw everything from scratch. This makes it easy to meet brief requirements and stay within budget.

Various designs were created to help support the company's needs, including digital banners and landing pages for use by third-party partners, as well as posters.