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Social Media Assets and Templates.


Viaplay is a leading international digital entertainment group. They are shaping the future of entertainment by connecting consumers with the content that they love in as many ways as possible. Their brands reach includes TV, radio and next-generation entertainment experiences in esports, digital video networks, and online gaming.


Black Friday Campaign

The idea behind the Black Friday Campaign was to bring everything back to life after the total “blackout” with Viaplay, using multiple TV Screens which they were initially switched off.
Each tv screen was required to be made as a smart object to showcase a title or to be switched off.


The campaign included Print Ads, Digital Banners, Social Media assets and TV Spots.


Digital Banners were developed for all the markets in different sizes including landing pages.


Social Media assets were developed covering all platforms of every region including Instagram Stories, Facebook Covers,  and Social Media Ads and many more.

Multiple TV ad formats were required to sent off across the Nordic countries including Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark

Grid Design Template 

A new mosaic grid was developed to showcase the key art from Movies, Series and Kids show. In order to have a successful outcome, I decided to go with a very similar approach that Viaplay has on their website to showcase the titles. This can be used as a template file to change the titles whatever the requirements are from the client maybe.

A Photoshop file was created with all the titles shown on the right above to be smart object layers. This gives the chance to allows the user to easily change the key art easily in order to match the brief’s requirements.

Social Media


In this specific project, the client requested to showcase only 4 titles alongside an offer. Another interesting very nice idea was to implement the new mosaic grid and showing the never-ending options of movies and series that Viaplay has to offer and with a result of highlighting only these 4 in the given design space.



A design for 3 indoor roll-ups was developed, to be placed in different marketing exhibitions of the company, showcasing the variety of titles that the Viaplay platform has to offer.

Three different designs were created, with each one showcasing a different one category, Film, Series and Kids. Each roll up’s All grid designs were created depending on their category.


Digital Design​

Various digital designs were created to cover up the company’s needs including digital banners to be used across websites of third-party partners, landing pages and digital posters.

Digital Poster - Tube Advertising #1

Digital Poster - Tube Advertising #1

Banners - Third Party Website

Digital Banners - Third Party Websites

Digital Poster - Tube Advertising #2

Digital Poster - Tube Advertising #2

Landing Page - Website

Landing Page - Website

Digital Poster - Tube Advertising #3

Digital Poster - Tube Advertising #3

Digital Banner - PS

Digital Banner - Playstation Platform

Campaign Film

Black Friday