LADbible x

PlayStation 5

Art Direction, Social Media, Mobile & Web

for the LADbible Group launch campaign

of PlayStation 5.


Creating a social media style campaign that references having the day off.


I was commissioned by the LADbible Group to create their launch campaign of PlayStation 5.


The campaign was mainly focused around their Social Media platforms to give the impression that all their staff have the day off to play the new PlayStation 5 on the worldwide launch date and also run a competition for their audience for a chance to win a PS5  console.

Each channel needs to have an in-feed Instagram Post announcing the chance to win a PS5.
The channels which were included in the campaign were: LADbible, SPORTbible, GAMINGbible, UNILAD and UNILAD Tech.
Launch Date: 19 Nov 2020
  • Over 500k engagements

  • Over 100k new followers


Banners (Static & Motion)

A variety of digital banners were developed in static and motion form to be showcased across the websites of the company. 

The banners will drive the audience to the competition landing page where they can enter their best excuse and their details.


  • Social Media Posts (Static & Motion)

  • Banners (Static & Motion)

  • Streaming Assets



As part of this campaign, additional images were created to hype up the idea that LADbible Group has been given the day off to the staff

to play the new PS5 all day. 

These images had to feel like they are really coming from the staff, so need to look like screenshots from peoples WhatsApp groups/ workplace groups and out of office emails and Messenger.